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Zone Valve Box LCD Medical Gas Zone Valve Box With Alarm For Medical Gas Alarm System

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Designed to house up to seven shut-off valves, each valve controls a different gas;
* Gas Service is distinguished by label color ;
* Wall mount style ;
* Copper tubes are welded to prevent leakage ;
* Tubing is 100% tested for leakage

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Zone Valve Unit -8
Zone Valve Unit -9

Temperature: -20~60℃;

Humidifier: 10%~95%;

Maximum Pressure of O2, Air (4Bar), N2O, CO2, is 0.8MPa without leakage

Maximum pressure of N2 and Air (7Bar) is 1.2MPa without leakage

Maximum pressure of VAC is -0.075MPa without leakage

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Product Name

Oxygen Manifold

Medical Gas Alarm


LED display, full-automatic manifold; Suitable for Oxygen, Air, Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide; Alarm system, Remote alarm; Electric heater function is optional; Wall or floor mount installation available


Glass panel, ultra thin box Touching mute button, can be mute at abnormal condition Pressure sensor acquire the gas pressure signal to achieve the 0.1 grade accuracy Audible and visual alarm Display pressure with 0.8 inch digital tube, clear and easy to read Using fast connection head for sensor, easy installation and maintenance


- Input pressure: 0.4~15MPa

- Output pressure: 0.4~0.45MPa (Adjustable)

- Input power: 110~240V, 50/60Hz

- Working Voltage/Current: AC24V, 250mA  

- Flow:<100m³/h  

- Changeover pressure: 0.6~1MPa(Adjustable)

- Changeover time: 3S  

- Dimension: 60*50*18cm

- Input power: AC100~240V, DC9V+5%  

- Power Consumption: 2W (1Gas), 3W (2 Gas), 4W (3 Gas), 5W (4Gas), 6W (5Gas), 7W (6Gas), 8W (7Gas)  

- Gas Quantity: 1~7 Gases  

- Pressure range: -0.1MPa~1.0MPa  

- Units: MPa, KPa, PSI, inHg, Bar, mmHg (Customized)

- RS485 Interface

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Zone Valve ASUV
Oxygen Flowmeter
Cooper Pipe

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Company Information:

Shanghai Zhenghua Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd established in 1993, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of Medical Pendants, Operation Light, Operation Table and MGPS system, Turnkey Operating Room Project, Cleaning System of Operating room. In 2013, it established another company "Shanghai Etar Mechanical And Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd", which specifically exports Shanghai Zhenghua's all products to overseas.

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