China Professional Manufacture Hospital Nurse Pager Calling System for Nurse Wireless Call Bell

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The Nurse call system is an auxiliary facility to improve the management level and service level of the hospital. The system needs to work continuously for 24 hours. It requires a low failure rate, stable performance, and reliable quality. A special medical intelligent call intercom system is based on the hospital The need is designed to solve the contact between hospitalized patients and medical staff in the ward. The system is composed of a host, an extension, a display screen, an auxiliary computer, and optional components that implement certain specific functions.

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What’s the nurse call system?

The nurse call system consists of a call host installed in the nurse station of the ward, call extensions respectively installed at the bedside of the ward, ward bathroom, and corridor display screen. Once someone presses the call button on the bedside or bathroom of the ward, the host of the nurse station will make a sound The light alarm signal, meanwhile, the corridor display screen simultaneously displays the calling bed number, and the nurses can immediately rush to the ward to deal with the emergency.

Detailed Technical Parameter

1. The patients list of the nurse call system show the Nursing Class, the display show the Call Beds, Calendar

2. The nurse call system has two-way calling and talking between Host and Extensions

3. Without interruption Call: Regardless of the calls, as long as the state broadcasting, the nurse call system can show the number and information when calls

4. Extension Call Storage by the Host when the call is not pick up by the Host, the call numbers will automatically be recorded

5. Extension Number can be edited by the number buttons on the nurse call system easily

Standard Configuration

1)Host list combined with the patient, and a calendar, call beds digital display; patient call display; corridor display beds display; and a wireless phone features available in ward corridors or duty doctors and nurses on duty room equipped with wireless phones can take as answering patient calls.

2) Main phone and commercially available SLT, cordless phones compatible with the host link, to achieve full functionality of the host.

3) Host shell with a plastic thin design, it looks particularly compact and can be wall-mounted, placed anywhere on your desktop.

4) Extension using the latest coding circuit number, the user simply change the number of beds either by manual operation.

5) Extension outer shell with a plastic buckle design, suitable for any type of installation support, within the terminal extension wiring, achieved without breaking the connection of the room. Installation, use, maintenance, safer and more convenient.

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